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In 2011, there were two kids who were obsessed with new music, partying, and graphic design. They'd spend their time studying design trends, discovering new music, and raging until sunrise.

Once, they stumbled across this new R&B artist on YouTube who had a few hundred views and a handful of mixtape songs. They took note of the artist's XO logo he used to represent his music. They loved his music and had to have that XO logo on a tee shirt - but the shirts were nowhere to be found. So they began to design their own versions of that logo and put it on shirts. As that artist gained popularity, the kids' XO shirts became popular and Faded xx Clothing was born. That artist, The Weeknd, is now a multi-platinum, global award winning singer. Faded xx Clothing obtained licensing to sell the XO design for the rest of that year before parting ways to create their own graphic identity. They then designed and trademarked their iconic Faded Ghost logo. A ghost is a spirit of the night. It takes many forms and cannot be controlled. It represents the true nature of what these kids were feeling after darkness fell. Today, 8 years later, the Faded xx Clothing brand still reps the party lifestyle - with roots tracing back to that dark and drug-infused music scene.

#FadedLikeaGhost #ExesOverEyes #FadedxxClothing

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